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We carry Kalmbach Feeds and keep a large selection of feeds in stock! We stock the Formula Of Champions, Tribute Equine Nutrition, and Kalmbach Feeds. 

kalmbach feeds
Kalmbach Feeds

More about Kalmbach Feeds

Kalmbach Feeds is a family-owned and operated animal feed manufacturer that has been in business since 1963. The company is headquartered in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, USA and has additional manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Kalmbach Feeds produces a wide range of feeds for various animals, including dairy cows, beef cattle, swine, poultry, horses, goats, sheep, and pets. They offer both complete feeds and supplements, and their products are sold under several brand names, including Tribute, Formula of Champions, and Sweet Country.

The company is committed to producing high-quality feeds using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. They also have a strong focus on animal nutrition and offer a team of experienced animal nutritionists to help customers develop customized feeding programs for their animals.

In addition to their feed manufacturing operations, Kalmbach Feeds also operates a chain of retail stores under the name Kalmbach Feeds Country Store. These stores offer a variety of animal feed and supplies, as well as products for gardening and lawn care.